What’s in a name?

March 9, 2014 on 6:08 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, Random Thoughts, Stories, Whinges | 4 Comments

Me and my Grey kin – at least they with the gray Grey name – have spent our life times correcting people and playing the tut-tutting primary school teacher with government workers, call centre agents and any number of pizza and Chinese food delivery order-takers – and anyone else who tried to spell our name: “that’s Grey, with an ‘e’ we’ll say: G-r-e-y”.
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Memory: Smiling Alone in the Lamplight

February 28, 2014 on 8:41 pm by Michael Grey | In Delightful Data of the Day, Random Thoughts | No Comments

At their kitchen table the other day, talking with my mum and dad, the subject of our earliest memories came up.
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Sheepskin Bagpipe Bags

January 31, 2014 on 8:35 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, Pipe Bands, Random Thoughts | Comments Off

Firm under the arm.
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If a Car Stalls in the Forest …

December 29, 2013 on 7:35 pm by Michael Grey | In Photographs, Random Thoughts | Comments Off

I took this odd photo this past week. I was a little startled [a word easier to write than say; does anyone say "startled" anymore?] to stumble on this while trudging in the woods not far from where I live.
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A Jolly Ol’ Christmas Stamp

December 21, 2013 on 8:35 pm by Michael Grey | In Delightful Data of the Day, Random Thoughts | 4 Comments

Ha! You might have read the heading of this post and thought of a super-festive polka step, à la Ebeneezer Scrooge at the height of redemption; maybe stompy snow-removal attempts at the entrance to an anticipated Christmas shin-dig, one where you enter the room with snow-covered shoes and hope-to-hell you’re not asked to unveil your stinking socks (and the feet they conceal). No. This post is philatelic, that word you use never and the the kind of stamp you, um, lick (or did, back in the day).
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Overheard: Judges Losing Cred

June 20, 2013 on 6:45 pm by Michael Grey | In Overheard, Pipe Bands, Random Thoughts, Solo Piping, Tips | Comments Off

Here’s something: an abridged version of something I overheard in the Cobourg, Ontario games beer tent last weekend (just after Boghall & Bathgate had played their entertaining victory sets). I assume the man talking played in a competing band that day. My impression was he was more bundt than cake. He said:
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May 26, 2013 on 4:47 pm by Michael Grey | In Photographs, Random Thoughts | Comments Off

I just caught wind of news that there’s been a discovery in a barn in Lewis, Scotland of a trove of World War I vintage photography – glass negatives to be precise.
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Chris Hadfield: Space Oddity

May 13, 2013 on 5:31 pm by Michael Grey | In Music, Random Thoughts, Video | Comments Off

I really like this. At first, I thought cheesy. Then I gave my head a shake.
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Overheard: France

April 3, 2013 on 5:50 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, News, Overheard | 2 Comments

I’m not an eavesdropper – seriously – but it’s amazing how often I happen (yes, “happen”) to overhear remarkable words; that is, words worthy of remark. I know you’re the same.
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Tip #1: Be There

March 29, 2013 on 3:59 pm by Michael Grey | In Random Thoughts, Solo Piping, Stories, Tips | Comments Off

Not so long ago I was talking to Colin MacLellan. He was telling me (among other things) about one of his fairly recent bagpipe lesson experiences [sorry, CRM, hope this wasn't secret]. Anyway, his story involved bagpipes, teacher, student and iPhone.
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