Piping Today Magazine – “Grey’s Notes”: Dear Old Glasgow Town

August 19, 2014 on 5:17 pm by Michael Grey | In From Piping Today Mag, Humour, Music, Pipe Bands, Stories | Comments Off

You know you’re a seriously regular visitor to Glasgow when someone stops you on the street, asks for directions and you can help — and with mostly reliable info. It’s the last Friday of the Commonwealth Games and thanks to years (and years) of tramping the streets of the city, I did my bit as a sort of on-again off-again local and helped two ladies from London find their way to the bowls. I was tempted to ask them why they were interested in lawn bowling — a snoozefest to me — but then, had they known I was something of a keen piper, they’d been in their rights to ask the same: “Piping! What’s That For?” When it comes to human colour the place is unconditionally iridescent.
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What’s in a name?

March 9, 2014 on 6:08 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, Random Thoughts, Stories, Whinges | 4 Comments

Me and my Grey kin – at least they with the gray Grey name – have spent our life times correcting people and playing the tut-tutting primary school teacher with government workers, call centre agents and any number of pizza and Chinese food delivery order-takers – and anyone else who tried to spell our name: “that’s Grey, with an ‘e’ we’ll say: G-r-e-y”.
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Sheepskin Bagpipe Bags

January 31, 2014 on 8:35 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, Pipe Bands, Random Thoughts | Comments Off

Firm under the arm.
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Overheard: France

April 3, 2013 on 5:50 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, News, Overheard | 2 Comments

I’m not an eavesdropper – seriously – but it’s amazing how often I happen (yes, “happen”) to overhear remarkable words; that is, words worthy of remark. I know you’re the same.
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Kilts on a Plane

February 7, 2013 on 1:53 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, Random Thoughts | Comments Off

Travel brings out the best and the worst in people. When you fly charter it’s usually the later. Endlessly winding cattle queues and travel industry regulations that have “FUN SUCKING” stamped in red on the cover of every volume help see to that. Still, despite baggage scales calibrated in micro-grams and pay-per-use WCs, oddly memorable occurrences can happen when flying – even charter.
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The Artist’s Bagpipe

November 26, 2012 on 6:49 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, Photographs, Random Thoughts, Stories | Comments Off

I don’t know if it’s due to its many appendages (all projecting from its grand inflated centre) or if it’s just plain unobservant carelessness but it seems to me the bagpipe in the context of art is much maligned.
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A Halloween Tumshie

October 31, 2012 on 2:08 pm by Michael Grey | In Delightful Data of the Day, Humour | Comments Off

I’m often asked, believe it or not, what the words are that kick off the “Sergeant Malkie Bow’s Consternation” tracks from my Shambolica! and Unqualified Favourites recordings. For the record, the words are, “Mikie, it’s Malkie, you’re a big tumshie…”.
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1950s Tenor Drummer

February 4, 2012 on 5:31 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, Pipe Bands, Random Thoughts | Comments Off

Here’s a neat whisky advert from the 1950s: a tenor drummer in full flight – both flourishing and sounding the drum, too.
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Friday Funny

January 13, 2012 on 6:21 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, Random Thoughts | Comments Off

One of the funniest books I own is a little volume called “Bride of Dark and Stormy”. It’s a collection of the best entries to the Bulwer-Lytton literary competition. Unlike once-funny TV shows like, say, M*A*S*H, this slim volume has never become dated and has always made me laugh.
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The Secret to Finding Good Reeds?

January 2, 2012 on 8:00 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, News, Pipe Bands, Random Thoughts, Solo Piping, Tips | Comments Off

Many of us have always wondered. The truth is out:
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