Ten Years Later & Heavy Pigeons

October 13, 2017 on 4:54 pm by Michael Grey | In Music, Random Thoughts, Stories | Comments Off on Ten Years Later & Heavy Pigeons

I’ve just discovered today that this is the ten year mark for this website. Rather than congratulate myself (done) I’ve scrambled for a quick and dirty way to mark the occasion – such as it is. What to post? What to post?

Here. A tune I both made and now Swiffering with the aim of getting back in the hands. I am pretty sure the Peel Police band played this when I was P/M (from my fourth book, published in 1997). And for the life of me, what’s with the title? I can’t exactly recall. I think it comes from a line someone said like, “well they’d have to be pretty heavy pigeons to carry that message…”. I know. What am I like!

The bad title reminds me of that classic Still Game episode, “Fly Society”. Jack and Victor manage to wangle their way to a country house for a weekend – the fictional Blairtunnoch – and on meeting the poncie laird, Victor manages to blurt out his made-up-on-the-spot name: “Pibblington”. The Laird guy looks twice and pronounces it, “Stupid name”.

So Heavy Pigeons here. Note there are five bars and not the usual four in the last line of part four. I suppose you could always drop either bars two or three in the last line if you were playing for a dancer or wanted to go conventional.

But where’s the fun in that?


PS. My thanks to Yoann Le Goff who from the beginning ten year ago has managed to help me keep the Russian and Ukrainian hackers at bay – among other good site things, of course.

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