Japanese Cinema and Pipe Bands

February 17, 2011 on 6:46 pm by Michael Grey | In Humour, Music, Pipe Bands, Random Thoughts, Video | 3 Comments

Now there’s a subject line you probably never imagined.

I always thought those old cheesy Japanese movies from the 1950s might benefit from a little kick, a little something to give them a boost. I’m not talking Seven Samurai or Rashomon here, I’m talking about movies like those from the Godzillaand Mothra franchises (did they call ever call old movie serials “franchises”?).

Anyway, I thought how great it would be for one to snag a pipe band soundtrack, music to go along with the badly dubbed English.

There must be something about the Japanese language that offers much less concision than English. It must take way more words to say in Japanese what might be said in English. Lips always seem to move long after – a second or two – the English dubs are heard.

Here’s a little something to pass a few minutes of your time. The soundtrack is the Toronto Police Pipe Band from their “Live at the el Mocambo: Raw and Off the Floor” recording from last year. You can download tracks here.



  1. Awesome…

    Comment by Jay R — February 17, 2011 #

  2. Glad you enjoyed, Jay! Hope all is well. M.

    Comment by Michael Grey — February 18, 2011 #

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