A Gaelic Proverb

February 28, 2008 on 8:38 pm by Michael Grey | In Stories, Tips | 4 Comments

When I was hard at it learning Scottish Gaelic I used to get right into the old proverbs – songs, too, thanks to my teacher, Isabel MacDonald.  But, I have to say, I loved the proverbs and poems (especially Duncan Ban MacIntyre). 
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Overcoming Real Challenges (John Wilson)

February 25, 2008 on 9:49 pm by Michael Grey | In Photographs, Solo Piping, Stories, Tips | 4 Comments

One of my prized “piping possessions” is a signed copy of John Wilson’s autobiography, “A Professional Piper in Peace and War”: the front page, inscribed in broad strokes, “With all good wishes, Michael, from the author, John Wilson, 13th, January, 1979″. Sweet. 
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Old Judging Tips Still Fresh

February 23, 2008 on 11:11 am by Michael Grey | In Solo Piping, Tips | 5 Comments

Pipers are some of the most competitive-minded people on the planet.  Gather a few pipers, throw a shoe box up for grabs (a functional, if not stylish, trophy), find a judge and, voila, you’ve got the makings of a grand solo piping event.

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Plato Knew Music

February 19, 2008 on 8:21 pm by Michael Grey | In Music, Stories | 2 Comments

I came across this quote recently; it comes from Book III of Benjamin Jowett’s translation of Plato’s Republic.  It speaks to the fraternity of musicians, and, of course, the fraternity of pipers.  It makes a person feel good about a lifetime study of music.  Like a perfectly tuned low A against a vintage set of sonorous MacDougalls: it resonates: 
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A New Jig: “Well Away” (Score & Sound File)

February 18, 2008 on 10:23 pm by Michael Grey | In Music, Score & Sound File, Solo Piping, Technique | 2 Comments

I knew I’d been away too long from these pages when it took me 20 minutes to track down the once-memorized dunaber login and password. Thanks to the notes on my trusty Blackberry: found. Continue reading A New Jig: “Well Away” (Score & Sound File)…

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