Nine Blasted Notes Again

April 22, 2007 on 6:51 pm by Michael Grey | In News | 1 Comment

A quick note to say Nine Blasted Notes is repressed and available again. Legal downloading is increasingly becoming a reality – even for those of us in the niche world of Skirling-eCeltic-World-Electro-Folk music. So, keeping the CDs going is always a think-twice sort of decision.

A friend of mine recently proclaimed 9BN the worst album cover he’d ever seen (yes, a friend said that … we call that the “gift of feedback”). I asked to see all his album covers to get a better idea of how they should look; alas, non to see.

I was glad the cover caused such a response – now that’s art baby!

Advice for today: before sending any copy to production have it proofed a few times by reliable eyes. This pressing of 9BN has the unfortunate original spine typo [“Michael Gey”] corrected. First edition of anything – always a collector’s item.

1 Comment

  1. Well, I for one will have to agree with your unnamed friend, and also add that it certainly doesn’t hold a candle to “Shimla Hum”, which really set a new high mark for you.

    Yes, whoever did that design sure knows his stuff.

    Speaking of which, when’s your new album coming?

    Lazy bum.

    Comment by Mikael — April 26, 2007 #

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