Dunrovin Farm, North Hatley, Quebec

September 7, 2015 on 7:08 pm by Michael Grey | In News, Photographs, Stories | Comments Off on Dunrovin Farm, North Hatley, Quebec

This past Saturday I found my way back to the homeland, Quebec’s Eastern Townships, for a flying visit: there and back the same day. By far the shortest visit I’ve made to this place, about 750 kilometres from where I live today. Fleeting? Yes. But sweetly memorable. The occasion, sadly, was a funeral. Though the service, on this day in the small 19th century country church, was for a man who lived a good long life, a life lived well and one with a legacy of seriously fine people – and a lot of stories. Stories galore. Gordon Stuart was a big man who lived large. And so this day, marked a fine send-off and a quiet celebration marking goodness and a good life. Surely this is at the core of why we have funerals.
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It’s Free! Michael Grey Book 5: Music for Everyone

January 23, 2012 on 10:05 pm by Michael Grey | In Music, Pipe Bands, Solo Piping | 5 Comments

Here you go: my fifth book of music, “Music for Everyone”. First published in 2006.
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Every Mile is Two in Winter

February 26, 2011 on 6:07 pm by Michael Grey | In Random Thoughts, Stories | 3 Comments

“Every mile is two in winter”, wrote the English poet, George Herbert. I couldn’t agree more. And if Georgie had lived in Canada and not England – where winter is pretty much over – he might’ve replaced two with three – or five.

At this point in February I’m fed the eff up with it. Like a lot of you, I’d guess – at least the you in the northern hemisphere. Of course for you lucky Antipodeans, it’s nothing but bonnie summer days.
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CBC Radio One Interview

February 16, 2010 on 7:46 pm by Michael Grey | In Audio File, News, Stories | Comments Off on CBC Radio One Interview

An excerpt from a piece produced by CBC Radio’s Aparita Bhandari. Broadcast January 25, 2010.
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