John MacFadyen plays “A Flame of Wrath for Squinting Patrick”

November 28, 2022 on 4:58 pm by Michael Grey | In Music, Solo Piping, Video | Comments Off on John MacFadyen plays “A Flame of Wrath for Squinting Patrick”

Here’s another tune offering from the late John MacFadyen, the Donald Mòr MacCrimmon composition, Lasan Padruig Coagach, known to so many of us as, A Flame of Wrath for Squinting Patrick. A singularly wild tune with nothing quite like it in our current repertoire.

While the 1980 vinyl recording plays a little fast on my turntable (keeners will note his pipe pitch here more in line with the modern pipe band), the bold phrasing and complete commitment to his interpretation is masterly presented. Bill Livingstone went over this tune with John MacFadyen and I, in turn, learned it from Bill. My direction was pretty much as forthright as this tune is laid out – with maybe less accent on the low Gs of the middling variations.

Thanks John MacFadyen!



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