Worlds Week Beckons: Rottenrow, Glasgow 1992

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The World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, is looming large. Its set to go August 12-13 – just days away. Starting around now pipers, drummers and their supporters from outside of Scotland have begun making their way through what we’ve heard to be an unpleasant steeple-chase of under-staffed airports and, likely, less-than-smooth travel experiences (an aside: I’ve travelled from YYZ to GLA twice since October of last year: all has been fine – touch wood – so good luck to all, there’s hope).

As a small tribute to the time of year, here is an off-the-cuff photographic offering: a study in university dorm life as lived by people “from away” during the Worlds of a certain year.

This photo is from the ground floor level of the Rottenrow residences of the University of Strathclyde. Then as now, bandspeople would be assigned a student room (complete with a pillow the size of a piece of Chicklet chewing gum). There would normally be six rooms to a flat, one small common room (with seriously suspect upholstery) and a galley kitchen. And – well – cue pipe band life.

This photo was taken days before the 1992 World Pipe Band Championships.

From left to right: there’s Bill Livingstone, looking confident and sure. Jenny Hazzard is over Bill’s shoulder and she’s clearly enjoying every moment. Jim McGillivray is happy with his lucky chanter in hand – and then: Andrew Bonar.

Andrew came to Ontario from British Columbia and the Simon University Pipe Band. And, yet, at this time in his life, was 100% 78th Fraser Highlander. Stu Liddell, the loyal 78th snare drummer appears wishing he was much taller with Ian “Mad Dog” Donaldson next to him and, with cup in hand, Bruce Gandy fills out the image.

Happy days.

Here’s to a great World’s Week!


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