Inspector Clueless of Gayfield

December 6, 2017 on 7:42 pm by Michael Grey | In Music, News | Comments Off on Inspector Clueless of Gayfield

There’s never any shortage of drama, indignancy or high dudgeon in the small world that is piping. I read Rab Wallace’s blog the other day and seriously LOL’d when I read his description of the officiant connected with a judge’s complaint: “Inspector Clueless of Gayfield”. I can’t say why, exactly, I just laughed. Maybe because it was a riff on a classic pipe tune naming convention, and, well, who knows. Gold, I say. Rab has a way with words, there is no doubt.

I wasn’t fully aware of Rab’s tribulations connected with the Solo Piping Judge’s Association (I can say, I am a member). And until he outed himself I wasn’t fully aware of Inspector Clueless; that is, his perspective. The good Inspector turns out to be none other than the one and only Euan Anderson of Edinburgh, bon vivant and good company. Clueless or not, this is near the highest praise I can offer any person.

All aside, I am sorry for any situation where pipers – or, I guess, anyone or any group, for that matter – clash. I’m sure calm and amenable waters are not far off.

And I suppose this is all to say, I’m seizing this brazen excuse to post what I think is a new tune. And so here it is; inspired the very morning I read Rab’s post.


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