The Balmoralist (Life Imitates Art)

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A couple of years ago I asked John Slavin, MGD (Master Graphic Designer) if he would work up a logo for me, for Dunaber Music. And so, after a little quick consult, he did. What John came back with, with his first sketches, is what I use today. As I have said time and again (usually to an open-mouthed gathering of rolled eyes): you just can’t beat the impressive presence of a piper wearing a Balmoral bonnet.

John D Burgess, Oban, 1950
And so to my chosen logo.

Shown below is an appropriately be-hatted ode, I’d say, to the balmoralists: those among us who think the Balmoral bonnet trumps the style preferred by the mad 3-men-in-a-tubbish, boat-like Glengarry hat-wearers.

Robert Burns’ Tam O’Shanter was good with the Balmoral like a great many that came after him.
Nick Hudson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Including Pittsburgh Highland piping pro, Nick Hudson, pictured here giving full real-life tribute to the Dunaber piper:

Balmoral bonnets? Why the haters?

Pipes up!


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