A Spring Test for Summer Pipe Band Success

March 23, 2014 on 4:19 pm by Michael Grey | In Pipe Bands, Tips | Comments Off on A Spring Test for Summer Pipe Band Success

From my experience there are three things that mark a band in the off-season; three things that are markers of excellence and predictors of a good season ahead. Three simple words usually tell the tale:

Smooth: Practice runs smoothly and it’s comfortingly productive and predictable. Practice begins – and ends – on time. Members leave practice feeling good for having spent their personal time well.

Fun: Members mostly like each other; there’s a good vibe with good-natured banter. Band leadership isn’t screaming – effing and ceeing at every dropped grace note – and because the band’s going well, there’s not many of those. If you were to play back a video recording of practice it would come across as more (musical) comedy than drama.

Music: There are more good tunes played than not.

Smooth, fun, music: if all that’s happening you’re on your way.


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