Advice: Should Your Band Ever Expire

February 24, 2013 on 8:24 pm by Michael Grey | In Random Thoughts | Comments Off on Advice: Should Your Band Ever Expire

A slightly random thought (meaning sort of / not really) about what to do if and when your band breaks up.

Don’t issue press releases and assorted public statements about why you think the sad break-up occured. If it’s a pipe band, most of the tragic nuances will be lost to the wider pipe band world. Not just that, they’ll second guess. Even if your case – your complaint – is clearly stated you will not come across well.
What to do if you’re on the inside of a band mess – and you’re enraged at a situation? Keep details on the inside and project a stoic raised chin on the outside – vent with close friends and move on.

I bet my birl you will be in a better place in the long run for the decision to restrain.


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