Australia’s Funniest Home Videos

April 15, 2012 on 7:06 pm by Michael Grey | In News, Random Thoughts, Video | Comments Off on Australia’s Funniest Home Videos

After Saturday’s Toronto Indoor Games and a late night on the D-town I was out and about at the crack of dawn today helping a film-maker friend shoot the famous Paris to Ancaster bike race [N.B. must say, I’m quite proud of myself for having tip-toed out of the house without stirring couch-surfing band members].

The cameraman on my crew was Australian. He’s lived in Canada for about seven years now but had done a lot of film work at home before emigrating. He’d mentioned that “Australia’s Funniest Home Video’s” was one of the shows he had worked on back home. As we careened through the rainy April muck and back roads that was this year’s racescape, I asked him what he thought was his most memorable “funniest” video. “Kangaroo kicking kid”, was the answer.

So, after a bit of research this aft, here you go:

Aside from a bit of wet, maybe, know that no injury was suffered in the filming of this snippet – aside from sore kangaroo feets.


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