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The tip of the day:
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Listening With Open Ears

April 24, 2010 on 7:42 pm by Michael Grey | In Music, Tips | Comments Off on Listening With Open Ears

After pouring out their heart and soul and doing their best to play music for judges pipers often – very often – hear (or read on score sheets) comments like this: “Not the way I prefer to hear this tune,”, “Not the way I was taught this tune” and, if the judge is in high rotation (read: hired a lot more than s/he probably should be for their good health), “Not as good as I heard you play last week”. I can tell you I have had all of these comments – and a lot more – on my own crit sheets.
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Pipe Bands: Wisdom of the Ancients

April 17, 2010 on 8:14 pm by Michael Grey | In Pipe Bands, Tips | 2 Comments

A sample here of the blindingly obvious:
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