The Megantic Outlaw

March 14, 2010 on 12:45 pm by Michael Grey | In Pipe Bands, Video | 1 Comment

Here’s some vintage footage: The Megantic Outlaw medley from the 78th Fraser Highlanders’ 1992 “Live in Canada” concert.

Although it starts with a traditional rumbly-tumbly three-paced roll to E the medley was quite avant garde for the day. In fact, I think if a band played it today it would still come off edgey with intra-tune time signature changes along with a smattering of 7/8 time. “The Megantic outlaw” was the nickname of 19th century Quebec hero/anti-hero, Donald Morrison. Megantic isn’t far from where I’m from. The last few years especially have seen his story well-tapped by artists and musicians. The 78th’s were one of the first to try and portray his story in music.


1 Comment

  1. Still a great medley.

    Comment by jamsie an t-sealgair — March 28, 2010 #

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