Never Lose Your Passport

April 26, 2007 on 8:45 pm by Michael Grey | In Stories | 4 Comments

Around about now a lot of us are thinking of summer travel plans. Here’s a story you might find interesting (maybe even funny in that glad-it-didn’t happen-to-me sort of way). The story’s a reminder to take good care of your passport – especially when travelling in another country.

August 2006 – France – homeward bound, sitting on the train from Lorient, Brittany to Paris. The group of us: Stuart Easton from New Zealand, James and Kylie MacHattie from Toronto. We’re all tired, all piped-out, etc (heavy on the etc). About an hour or so from the station I have this sick feeling wash over me. James says, straight away, “what’s wrong?”. “I left my passport in the hotel room, hidden under the TV set”, says me.
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