Piping Today Mag – Grey’s Notes: “PC – Gone Mad!”

July 23, 2015 on 4:31 pm by Michael Grey | In From Piping Today Mag, Humour, Whinges | Comments Off on Piping Today Mag – Grey’s Notes: “PC – Gone Mad!”

A SHORT note to people who don’t have a lot of height: taller adults snag jobs of higher status and, on average, earn more than other people. Yes. It’s true. Are you offended — you with the 26 inch inside leg? Well, don’t be. This (not entirely helpful) fact comes to the world thanks to the Massachusetts-based National Bureau of Economic Research. If you’re not a horizontally elevated sort of person, em, meaning “tall”, then work a little harder to get in with the boss. Suck it up, shorty.
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