To Summon a Dancing Skeleton

August 9, 2019 on 11:36 am by Michael Grey | In From Piping Today Mag, Stories | Comments Off on To Summon a Dancing Skeleton

I’ve always liked history. The study of things connected with the past, especially when people are in the mix is a pause-worthy pursuit. In history we’re presented a never-ending book and with every moment that passes a new piece is added to the story. Everyone makes their own stories; some big and some small. Because the stories help us understand the context of lives lived, most are interesting – to one degree or another.

With so many stories unfolding, we know history doesn’t happen in a straight line. History comes to be by a crazy and complex meshwork of countless interconnected occurrences and perspectives. And these: all happening at once – everywhere. We learn from it – and we repeat it.
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John Morrison of Assynt House

August 6, 2019 on 6:30 pm by Michael Grey | In Stories | Comments Off on John Morrison of Assynt House

I was talking to Glasgow piper, Craig Turnbull, a little while ago. He had been travelling in the Western Isles and the subject of the famous reel. “John Morrison of Assynt House” came up. Craig had passed by Assynt House in Stornoway. I always had it in my mind that Peter MacLeod, Senior, the composer of this reel – a piece of music that is without doubt, one of the greatest music compositions of all time – named it for a place in Ross-shire, north of Inverness (Scotland).

Our discussion ended with me committing to do a little research to find out what was what. Because. I was sure I was right.
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