Off to Lorient

July 29, 2009 on 3:38 pm by Michael Grey | In Stories | Comments Off on Off to Lorient

The band’s away to France tomorrow evening and we’re all pretty much set for nine days of music and, we expect, a lot of fun. Most of you will know the Festival Interceltique in Lorient is our final destination. This year marks the 39th year of the festival, and with attendance figures topping over 650,000, the “FIL” has become one of Europe’s largest music festivals. Continue reading Off to Lorient…

The Worlds: Draw Me a Picture

July 21, 2009 on 5:58 pm by Michael Grey | In Pipe Bands, Whinges | 7 Comments

Another RSPBA head scratcher: how is it that the event at the World Pipe Band Championships that has the fewest entries (outside of the grade 4s) has a “qualifier”?
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Pipe Bands and youtube

July 7, 2009 on 10:31 am by Michael Grey | In Pipe Bands | Comments Off on Pipe Bands and youtube

Last Saturday I had a brief conversation with a well-known judge about pipe bands and the internet. We both agreed that the internet – and in particular – is changing the way pipe bands are perceived. And its not just the punter’s perception but also that of judges and how they view a band’s capability. It’s a remarkable thing.
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