Shimla Hum (2006)

Shimla Hum

Michael Grey’s new album, Shimla Hum, lifts the Scottish bagpipes out their traditionalist home by spicing each original composition with the sounds of South Asia. Already one of the world’s most accomplished bagpipers, Grey steps off the safe platform so often associated with Scottish Highland piping and follows his muse all the way to India. The result is a distinctively breathtaking recording that is certain to increase Grey’s significant worldwide following. With its fusion of cultures and an urban sensibility that is often shockingly hip, Shimla Hum is sure to demand attention everywhere from dance clubs to fans of adventurous music.

Jane Siberry

The Village Voice calls Siberry the “Canadian Queen of art-pop,” and the London Times says, “Genius.” Jane Siberry again joins up for a vocal tango with bagpipes, the last time on Shambolica!, singing in English and Gaelic. This time a bit of French, Gaelic and Gaelic-inspired mouth music, canntaireachd (can-ta-roch), colour the track. Jane improvised these vocals after a long day of recording capping the day with good sounds – and a good laugh. I have to say for the record (and this record) that the reel played here, at 126 BPM, is as much sustained tempo as I have ever played – intentionally. Seinn a’phiob: Let the pipes sing.


“Michael Grey’s Shimla Hum is a gem – a playful and inventive combination of piping of the highest order and daring stylistic fusions that appeal to both the ears and the feet.”
Philly Markowitz, Host/Producer, CBC Radio Two, Roots & Wings

“Shimla Hum is a genuinely ground-breaking production. There are only a handful of artists in the piping world that have even attempted to go this route and Michael Grey is leading the way.”
Piper & Drummer Online, June 2006

“This is an extraordinary album, majestic in scope, at times esoteric and ambient, but more often frolicking and pixie-like, joyous and footstomping. Grey, an internationally respected musician recently named the world’s greatest [living] piping composer by Piper & Drummer brought together a fantastic ensemble of musicians for this album…”
Graham Rockingham, Music Editor, The Hamilton Spectator


  1. Calm Before the Hum 5:03
  2. Shimla Hüm 6:12
  3. Machrie Moor 6:48
  4. Oh Dro! (featuring Jane Siberry) 6:23
  5. Pibroch (Part 1) 5:19
  6. Pibroch (Part 2) 2:53
  7. Pibroch (Part 3) 3:26
  8. Pibroch (Part 4) 3:31
  9. Pibroch (Part 5) 6:01
  10. Gerrard Street Hey Ride (featuring Farid Khan) 4:04
  11. Nameless Number Nine 3:26
  12. Shimla Hüm (Radio Edit) 3:29

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