“The Peel Regional Police Pipe Band Collection” – Book 4 (1997)

Book 4



  • Angus MacPherson
  • Back to Bellahouston
  • Chief Noel Catney’s Welcome to the Peel Regional Police
  • Eddie Gorman
  • The Glengarry Metcalfes
  • Greyfriars Wedding
  • Health to the Brave
  • Kath Kenna of Giffnock
  • Mrs. Sandra Barbour
  • Peel Regional Police Pipe Band
  • Pipe Major Robert Fraser
  • Pipe Major John Elliott
  • Robson Week
  • Thirty Miles to Sherbrooke


  • Dornie Ferry
  • The Duchess of Roxbugh
  • Shirley Bow of Aberfoyle
  • This is how the Ladies Dance


  • A Tailor I Sought; A Weaver I Got
  • Bumpy Road to Judique
  • Drinking and Ever Merry
  • Eight Men of Moidart
  • Goat from Whitefish Falls
  • Sandra McCutcheon of Doogary
  • Seallaibh curraigh Eoghainn
  • Sunlight Upon the Hill
  • Sweet the Haddies
  • Willie the Mudslinger


  • Dheanainn sugradh ris an nighean dubh
  • Faistneachd agus beannachd do na Gaidheil


  • Cemetary Lodge
  • Continental Drift
  • Fear a’ Bhata
  • Lag nan Cruachan
  • Michael Grey’s Prevarication
  • Soraidh le Eilean a Cheo
  • Two Days in February


  • Bellag the Drover
  • Buggerlugs
  • Dandelion Soup
  • Finlay McCallum
  • Ian Campbell’s Stick
  • Jig by D. A. Cambell
  • Lasses that Baffle Us
  • The Maid of Edrachaolis
  • The Merry Fryer
  • Mike Cassidy
  • The North Shore Sisters
  • Ryan the Typesetter
  • Shannon MacDonald’s Favourite
  • Speeding to the Border
  • The Sunday Post Highlander
  • Tommy Peigi’s Jig


  • The Gathering
  • The Glengarry Pipers
  • Heavy Pigeons
  • Sergeant Malkie Bow’s Consternation
  • Neill McDonald Goes West
  • The Queen Street Cattle Car
  • Rubbernecker’s Waltz


  • William Mossie’s Salute

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