For the Love of the Pipes

March 3, 2013 on 7:13 pm by Michael Grey | In Delightful Data of the Day, Random Thoughts, Stories | 2 Comments

I recently started teaching a young fellow in town [and to give you an idea of how close he lives to me this is what he said at his last lesson: “I see you were having work done on your house this week…” Welcome to small town life.] Anyway, he’s a keen piper (redundant words, I know) and full of enthusiasm to move forward, to get better.
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Practice Practice Practice

May 22, 2011 on 5:18 pm by Michael Grey | In Solo Piping, Stories, Tips | 2 Comments

I was pretty much without bagpipes for the month of April. I play McCallum bagpipes, as some of you may know, and decided to take Kenny MacLeod up on his offer to have them refurbished. I’ve worked with Kenny and Stuart McCallum for years (the two who lead the McCallum Bagpipe enterprise) and have been an early and enthusiastic supporter of their efforts to make great bagpipes happen in Ayrshire. In fact, the set I play today is the first silver and “ivory” set the company made. So there you go.
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