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I just caught wind of news that there’s been a discovery in a barn in Lewis, Scotland of a trove of World War I vintage photography – glass negatives to be precise.

Interesting stuff.

Apparently the photographer, Dr Norman “The Adder King” Morrison, Shawbost, Lewis, took these photos over a period of years with a view to record island life. It’s great that he did. Photos from that time, especially in places like the Outer Hebrides, are rare indeed.
Catherine Maclennan, Shawbost, Lewis_Scotland
I’ve been searching myself for nineteenth century photos of MacMillan and MacRury Uist people – with zero success. So, lucky are the progeny of Catherine Maclennan, pictured here, who have a photo of their ancestor.

But really; I suggest not an entirely flattering shot of Catherine. I’d suspect she’d untag this pic had facebook been around at the time and she was riding the big time-wasting pony that it is.

Bless her heart.


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